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  • Comunicado 2
    07/10/2006, 10h00
    texto... Saiba mais
  • Support and Documentation
    07/10/2006, 10h00
    Support Support for the Joomla! CMS can be found on several places. The best place to start would be the official Help Site. Here you can help yourself to the information that is regularly published and updated a... Saiba mais
  • Joomla! Features
    07/10/2006, 06h00
    Joomla! features: Completely database driven site engines News, products, or services sections fully editable and manageableTopics sections can be added to by contributing Authors Fully customisable layouts inclu... Saiba mais
  • Badminton agita São Paulo a partir deste sábado
    06/10/2006, 03h00
    O Badminton, considerado o esporte de raquete mais rápido do mundo, promete agitar São Paulo a partir deste sábado (07/10). É que está prevista a realização do Torneio Nacional Juvenil de Badminton e também mais ... Saiba mais
  • My MySQL database does not support UTF-8. Do I have a problem?
    05/10/2006, 20h00
    No you don't. Versions of MySQL lower than 4.1 do not have built in UTF-8 support. However, Joomla! 1.5 has made provisions for backward compatibility and is able to use UTF-8 on older databases. Let the installe... Saiba mais
  • What is the FTP layer for?
    05/10/2006, 16h00
    The FTP Layer allows file operations (such as installing Extensions or updating the main configuration file) without having to make all the folders and files writable. This has been an issue on Linux and other Un... Saiba mais
  • What happened to the locale setting?
    05/10/2006, 14h00
    This is now defined in the Language [lang].xml file in the Language metadata settings. If you are having locale problems such as dates do not appear in your language for example, you might want to check/edit the ... Saiba mais
  • Can Joomla! 1.5 operate with PHP Safe Mode On?
    05/10/2006, 14h00
    Yes it can! This is a significant security improvement.The safe mode limits PHP to be able to perfom actions only on files/folders who's owner is the same as PHP is currently using (this is usually 'apache'). As ... Saiba mais





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